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Create your own dates glossary -- Emmanuel 2015-Dec-08
Announcing Instant Text version 7.42 -- Emmanuel 2015-Oct-29
IT7 Pro fully compatible with Windows 10 -- Emmanuel 2015-Sep-28
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Convert American spelling to British -- susan Desborough 2017-Apr-25
Header format question -- scribeforlife 2017-Apr-20
How do I delete an entry from the Typocorrect glossary -- Cindyg 2016-Nov-17
Saving arrows into Instant Text -- A1 2017-Apr-03
Conversion of phrase list -- Juniper 2017-Mar-29
Function Keys -- Karenr 2017-Mar-21
Instant Text Not Linking to the Program -- LJones 2017-Mar-20
Some help -- dfortais 2017-Mar-08
Glossary merge fails to ask me for a file name -- Juniper 2017-Mar-03
Instant Text disables link to MS word after pressing the Enter Key -- Juniper 2017-Feb-28
Create Dates Glossary -- Karenr 2017-Feb-18
Degree Symbol -- ITMT 2017-Feb-13
How to stop IT7 from autocorrecting "wanna" to "want to" -- GrrlWhit03 2017-Jan-21
Transferring files to new computer -- julyne 2017-Jan-25
Using Instant Text for editing -- gingerbrooks 2016-Dec-23
E-mailing glossary -- Carol James CMT 2017-Jan-16
Installed on new laptop. Not lining up correctly -- AbbieATC 2017-Jan-16
Numbers at bottom of screen/expanding -- Instant Text Newbie 2017-Jan-14
We wish you all a Happy New Year -- Marianne 2017-Jan-02
Glossaries -- CherylM 2016-Dec-13
Spacing after ? -- ralotty 2016-Dec-04
Does IT add entries to your glossaries -- Cindyg 2016-Nov-30
Glossary -- Grindlecat 2016-Nov-20
Different singles glossaries depending upon subject matter -- Bunny 2016-Nov-03
Dates question -- Carol James CMT 2016-Oct-27
Customization in Instant Text -- Marianne 2016-Oct-04
Upgrading to Windows 10 -- CU 2016-Sep-25
Multiple commands in one command entry -- CU 2016-Aug-16
Selecting more than 1 item in a pick list -- Carol Gualtieri 2016-Aug-17
Tips du Jour -- Susan Desborough 2016-Jul-02
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Need IT on another computer -- wendy93292 2017-Apr-14
Compatible with new version of Emdat Inscribe 6.7 -- susan Desborough 2017-Feb-21
IT w/Radnet -- bgunno 2017-Feb-09
Syncing Instant Text with Proscript transcription platform -- typingethel 2017-Jan-17
Instant Text stops working with ChartScript -- CU 2016-Dec-06
Typo glossary -- Susan Desborough 2016-Oct-29
Using IT with VM Ware -- Theresamt09 2016-Oct-20
Auto numbering -- ralotty 2016-Jun-15
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Error message in line reporter -- kimp 2016-Oct-20
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Export glossary? -- Cindyg 2016-Nov-16
Workshop: Family History or Completion -- Cindyg 2016-Oct-26
Adding an excel list of drugs to the Medstart glossary -- justetthon 2016-Sep-09
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Activation code -- lindaw 2017-Mar-12
Fluency and Ctrl + space -- VivMil 2017-Mar-03
Instant Text, Word 2016, and typing! -- ITlover 2017-Feb-19
Problem "docking to" Chrome browser -- Kim Hamacher 2017-Feb-19
Do Phrases change to Words with a keyboard shortcut? -- rkees828 2017-Feb-23
Saving IT options -- wendy93292 2017-Feb-21
Instant Text on 2 Computers -- LJones 2017-Feb-08
Dates glossary -- brendafain 2017-Jan-31
Lost my "add entry" window -- LindaW 2017-Jan-23
New computer and docking in Document Report Editor is very misaligned -- AbbieATC 2017-Jan-12
Multiple word search command -- byates21 2016-Dec-30
Commands -- Byates21 2016-Dec-30
The latest build date -- Linda Hensens 2016-Dec-22
Dates generator -- Megan 2016-Dec-07
Change phrases to words? -- Cindyg 2016-Nov-24
IT to new computer issue with 2nd account -- Diane123 2016-Nov-10
Error message: The current line is not a glossary entry. -- Cindyg 2016-Oct-26
Can I change a glossary name? -- Cindyg 2016-Oct-26
Capitalization -- joymurr 2016-Oct-27
Have to type three letters before a word shows in advisories -- Cindyg 2016-Oct-08
Can Ctrl-Space be turned off? -- Cindyg 2016-Oct-04
Instant Text 7 and Citrix -- rchadw01 2016-Sep-28
entries aren't being retained -- CU 2016-Sep-28
Glossary opening with Express Scribe so can't access -- cmd206 2016-Oct-01
Serial number location -- greenewoman 2016-Aug-12
Two of the same glossaries -- Allycee 2016-Aug-06
gibberish in glossary -- Britt 2016-Jul-08
Fluency and Instant Text -- jm7 2016-Jun-15
Capital letter after the ? -- ralotty 2016-Jun-27
Duplicates and Condensing Glossaries -- NMB 2016-Jun-21
Post Message  Find... Day: Messages from the last 24 hours.Messages from the last 2 days.Messages from the last 3 days.Messages from the last 4 days.Messages from the last 5 days. Overview   Login  New User

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