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Create your own dates glossary -- Emmanuel 2013-Jan-29
Glossary with Editing Commands -- Marianne 2012-Apr-25
Announcing Instant Text version 7.20 -- Marianne 2011-Mar-30
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Automatically fixing tot he... -- RusticMT 2015-Mar-16
Duplicate entries -- lauriemchale 2015-Mar-13
Ctrl+Space erases the last word in Instant Text -- Marianne 2015-Mar-12
Create continuation by manual (one of) means -- ctkenye 2015-Feb-03
Word and Phrase markers -- Grindlecat 2015-Feb-01
Latest Instant Text 7 Pro release -- Marianne 2015-Jan-28
Happy New Year -- Marianne 2014-Dec-31
Minimizing glossary -- tbergt 2015-Jan-09
Need suggestions for using with SR -- nancy321 2014-Dec-30
2 dates do not show up but are in glossary -- Goalema30 2014-Dec-30
Let IT add word endings with one keystroke. -- IT-ophile 2014-Dec-17
Question about copying glossaries -- Camarra 2014-Dec-14
Creating a glossary from gmail -- jon knowles 2014-Dec-08
Glossary words -- Mezza 2014-Nov-12
Automatic spacing -- easier way? -- PaperMT 2014-Oct-31
What IT users say they would like to do when using Instant Text -- Marianne 2014-Oct-21
Pick Lists -- HeatherD 2014-Oct-26
Start Up Options -- alisadd 2014-Oct-17
Word Marker -- rjf443 2014-Oct-12
How to change the active glossary list and put in order. -- LindaOz 2014-Jun-10
Where can I find my glossary file on my computer? -- rms2171 2014-Aug-26
Viewing Display Text Without Having To Re-Type Word -- alicenjo 2014-Jun-29
Using IT with voice recognition software -- BLowden 2014-Jun-27
Quotation marks -- Marianne 2014-Jun-16
A few question to get started. -- Grindlecat 2014-May-06
Double Dash & Hard Space -- ccurrego 2014-Apr-09
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Amphion Triton Platform -- aricalvert1023 2014-Jun-10
IT7Pro stopped working in M*Modal -- LindaOz 2014-May-08
Problem with normals -- Christina 2014-Apr-25
Need reply to my posted question -- joano.1 2014-Apr-07
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2-word phrase conversion -- iaksma 2015-Mar-11
Need help with importing autocorrect -- Nancy321 2014-Dec-19
Problem with copying a .glo file that was sent to me -- Marion 2014-Jun-07
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Alt commands in Triton/Amphion platform -- Linda Hensens 2015-Mar-18
How do I delete a glossary? -- LindaOz 2015-Mar-16
Moving glossary to new computer -- LindaOz 2015-Mar-16
IT Suddenly Stopped Working with Word -- cdaigle 2015-Mar-14
IT7 activate window command -- AnneL 2015-Mar-06
IT not working in Apex with Java version 8 -- mponz 2015-Feb-21
Linking issues after AVG Tune-Up -- Ggill 2015-Feb-14
Colons followed by Spaces -- cdaigle 2015-Jan-26
Change computer -- ellen errey 2015-Jan-19
Old glossary list pulling in up at startup -- cmd206 2015-Jan-18
Date Glossary 2015 -- pacawa 2015-Jan-02 more...
New Computer - already purchased upgrade -- K Yager 2014-Dec-29
Remove duplicates? -- LisaJThomas 2014-Dec-13 more...
IT won't dock to Proscribe Window -- Linda Hensens 2014-Dec-08
Problem with using IT and German Keyboard Layout -- Lisi 2014-Dec-09
What is the latest edition of IT 7 Pro? -- Linda Hensens 2014-Dec-04
Glossary disappeared -- LindaOz 2014-Nov-20
Glossary compilation troubleshoot -- Carol James CMT 2014-Sep-24
New computer, new windows, IT compatibility and how to switch -- naninnh 2014-Sep-20
Highlight and add feature ALT= not working editscript -- hssmith 2014-Sep-07
Unable to get automatic spacing to work -- Lonna 2014-Sep-09
Instant Text stops working -- stewartmjlm 2014-Aug-19
Freezing issues anyone? -- Anni 2014-Aug-07
Finding commands -- Mrswolfski 2014-Aug-05
Single letter abbvs for words -- psychscribe 2014-Jul-17
Using a British spelling glossary -- keecats 2014-Jun-19
Sign On Bonus $100 -- beach woman 2014-Jun-26
Create alternate Typo Glossary -- keecats 2014-Jun-26
Disabling alt + for using Edit Script -- JudyJ 2014-Jun-22
Error message received daily or multiple times a day. -- cg 2014-Jun-04
Removing IT from work computer -- valdridge 2014-May-28
Type a single number and get a random phrase -- DaeC 2014-May-09
It inserting ; after phrase expansion -- Grindlecat 2014-May-08
Two spaces after comma. -- LindaOz 2014-May-08
new here...Working with templates -- Medtran 2014-Apr-24
Expanding Short Phrases -- rkees828 2014-Apr-29
Serial Number -- aheart 2014-Apr-29
Not adding space after capital I -- HeatherB 2014-Apr-21
Getting new activation code -- LindaOz 2014-Apr-17 more...
Backspace after punctuation -- avach 2014-Apr-14
Administrator Permissions for IT Pro VII -- AnaP 2014-Apr-13
Cannot get Instant Text Pro7 to open -- Nicole 2014-Apr-08
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New Computer -- Alycat 2015-Jan-21
ITV with Windows 7 and Word 2007 -- Andy 2014-Nov-07
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