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Announcing Instant Text version 7.50 -- Emmanuel 2018-Oct-04
Create your own dates glossary -- Emmanuel 2015-Dec-08
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Superscript shortcut -- Debbie Fortais 2019-Jun-07
Versions -- jsampson45 2019-May-31
Can I make text in glossary viewer larger? -- CarolM2 2019-Feb-25
No cap/space after ellipsis? -- LEgal 2019-Feb-25
Condense glossary with Includes -- JS 2019-Feb-06
We wish you all a Happy New Year -- Marianne 2019-Jan-02
Modifying included glossaries -- Susan Desborough 2018-Dec-31
Overview of the update? -- Cindyg 2018-Dec-09
Is there a limit to how many entries can be in a glossary? -- Cindyg 2018-Dec-09
Instant Text Client Context Sensitivity explained -- Emmanuel 2018-Dec-02
Capitalizing the letter I -- ANGELA H 2018-Sep-25
Short list limit? -- ibtyping 2018-Aug-21
Templates and Save As -- dynamics 2018-Aug-07
Can you "save the format" and "use a command" in the same entry? -- A1 2018-Aug-01
Editing entry without right clicking mouse -- meca974 2018-Jun-03
Can I rearrange short/expansion within a glossary? -- CarolM2 2018-Jul-18
How to add parentheses, automatically? -- CarolM2 2018-Apr-13
Tables -- dynamics 2018-May-06
How To Transfer Glossary Item to Another Glossary -- justetthon 2018-Apr-16
Getting search back to default -- Cindyg 2017-Nov-13
Special 'codes' recognized by IT -- Kim Hamacher 2018-Mar-08
Compiled glossaries do not include terms joined by slashes? -- Bunny 2018-Feb-15
Command to add period and capitalize next word -- HeatherD 2018-Jan-24
Degrees glossary -- justetthon 2017-Oct-24
Happy New Year -- Marianne 2018-Jan-05
Skipping ahead to next comma in a series? -- justetthon 2017-Oct-24
Date of birth glossary -- mtchar 2017-Nov-07
Glossaries -- sam1956 2017-Oct-18
IT and eScribers Template Manager -- AmBeck22 2019-Feb-18
Has anyone ever found a work-around this Pedable software by NCH -- YPaula79 2019-Apr-02
Having trouble using IT within Career Step editing module. -- CarolM2 2019-Mar-27
VDI -- Dust245 2018-Aug-06
Reformat keyboard -- cindee 2018-Oct-08
Can't Connect IT to Transcribe+ Platform -- ITFAN 2018-Aug-20
Windows 10/Word 365 -- rowelx 2018-Jun-29
Instant Text not working with VMWare Horizon Client/Mosaiq -- PaperMT 2018-Mar-08
Is IT 7.42 compatible with A.I. Med from Acrendo? -- 2017-Dec-17
Fluency -- MTer 2017-Nov-16
Can't delete entries after condensing glossary or open Glossary Viewer -- Arlene 2018-Oct-10
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Dud response notifications -- jsampson45 2019-Jun-11
IT Quits Responding - Looking for Troubleshooting Tips! -- KarenS 2019-Apr-07
ITP Randomly ?unlinking/stopping -- GrumpyMum 2019-May-01
Copying glossaries to new computer -- Karenr 2019-Jun-02
Instant Text not working -- Karenr 2019-May-19
Wrong expansion -- lamoglinsgal 2019-May-10
Short expands differently depending on location on Word document? -- CarolM2 2019-Apr-13
Using Tab key as marker/expander? -- Travis 2019-Mar-17
Words in glossary disappearing -- SandyF 2019-Feb-13
IT won't link to Fluency website -- MT-J 2019-Jan-16
Forgot to give this info -- MT-J 2019-Jan-16
Continuation does not pause long enough -- nmc 2019-Jan-04
Dates Generator? -- Carol James CMT 2017-Nov-17
Unknown path for includes -- SandyF 2018-Dec-17
Capitalizing the first word of an expansion -- Cindyg 2018-Dec-01
IT Submenus appear in second monitor [SOLVED] -- KarenS 2018-Nov-04
Docking -- Quick Fingers 2018-Oct-28
Need help with Singles glossary -- Cindyg 2018-Oct-30
Getting a space to appear when two ?? are typed -- justetthon 2018-Sep-12
Can't Connect IT to Transcribe+ Platform -- ITFAN 2018-Aug-20
Superscript in Inscribe -- Karenr 2018-Mar-16
Help -- Karenr 2018-Feb-27
Unable to change focus to Phrase List or Word list with keyboard -- KarenS 2017-Dec-22
Backup -- Butterfly69 2017-Dec-07
Contents of Previously Merged Glossary -- meca974 2017-Dec-08
Glossary viewer appears when not asked for -- jsampson45 2017-Nov-10
Client configurator -- jsampson45 2017-Nov-04
Client configurator: Display other program -- jsampson45 2017-Nov-04
Post Message  Find... Day: Messages from the last 24 hours.Messages from the last 2 days.Messages from the last 3 days.Messages from the last 4 days.Messages from the last 5 days. Overview   Login  New User

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