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Create your own dates glossary -- Emmanuel 2015-Dec-08
Announcing Instant Text version 7.42 -- Emmanuel 2015-Oct-29
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Contents of Previously Merged Glossary -- meca974 2017-Dec-08
Dates Generator? -- Carol James CMT 2017-Nov-18
Getting search back to default -- Cindyg 2017-Nov-13
Skipping ahead to next comma in a series? -- justetthon 2017-Oct-24
Date of birth glossary -- mtchar 2017-Nov-07
Degrees glossary -- justetthon 2017-Oct-24
Command Line -- bgunno 2017-Sep-12
Glossaries -- sam1956 2017-Oct-18
How many glossaries can I chain together using Includes? -- Cindyg 2017-Aug-07
Sort Order -- Cindyg 2017-Jul-25
Incorrect expansions -- Christy 2017-Jul-26
Phrase marker is expanding words -- Cindyg 2017-Jul-28
Partial short appears as I type -- Cindyg 2017-Jul-25
Questions about using the space bar as a phrase expander -- Cindyg 2017-Jul-21
Typo glossary -- Neel 2017-Jul-14
Command entry problem -- Mtinsanity 2017-Jul-12
Glossaries with British Spelling -- Marianne 2017-Jun-05
ALT+/ not working correctly -- Karenr 2017-May-18
Convert American spelling to British -- susan Desborough 2017-Apr-25
Numbered list -- Karenr 2017-May-09
Mobile Instant Text? -- jsampson45 2017-May-08
British spelling -- Bunny 2017-May-03
Header format question -- scribeforlife 2017-Apr-20
Saving arrows into Instant Text -- A1 2017-Apr-03
Conversion of phrase list -- Juniper 2017-Mar-29
Function Keys -- Karenr 2017-Mar-21
Some help -- dfortais 2017-Mar-08
Glossary merge fails to ask me for a file name -- Juniper 2017-Mar-03
Instant Text disables link to MS word after pressing the Enter Key -- Juniper 2017-Feb-28
Create Dates Glossary -- Karenr 2017-Feb-18
Degree Symbol -- ITMT 2017-Feb-13
How to stop IT7 from autocorrecting "wanna" to "want to" -- GrrlWhit03 2017-Jan-21
Transferring files to new computer -- julyne 2017-Jan-25
E-mailing glossary -- Carol James CMT 2017-Jan-16
Installed on new laptop. Not lining up correctly -- AbbieATC 2017-Jan-16
Numbers at bottom of screen/expanding -- Instant Text Newbie 2017-Jan-14
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Fluency -- MTer 2017-Nov-16
Is IT compatible with PathNet Anatomic Pathology Transcription? -- Dawna Swiedom 2017-Sep-17
Can't get IT 7 Pro to work in ChartNet -- kayellwy 2017-Jul-28
Underscore and Shift+Backslash Not Working as Stop Codes -- bgunno 2017-May-24
Need IT on another computer -- wendy93292 2017-Apr-14
Compatible with new version of Emdat Inscribe 6.7 -- susan Desborough 2017-Feb-21
IT w/Radnet -- bgunno 2017-Feb-09
Syncing Instant Text with Proscript transcription platform -- typingethel 2017-Jan-17
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Glossary viewer appears when not asked for -- jsampson45 2017-Nov-10
Client configurator -- jsampson45 2017-Nov-04
Client configurator: Display other program -- jsampson45 2017-Nov-04
Can line numbers be repositioned? -- Cindyg 2017-Oct-07
making a space appear after my shortcut for a BLANK and timestamp? -- justetthon 2017-Oct-02
Can I limit the advisories to exact matches -- Cindyg 2017-Jul-21
Can power outage corrupt a glossary? -- Carol James CMT 2017-Sep-03
"Paging" through glossaries -- Cindyg 2017-Aug-09
Instant Text Not Linking to the Program -- LJones 2017-Mar-20
Installation of IT on removable media (Thumb Drive) -- MargiLowry 2017-Jun-21
Making a NEW glossary -- gotemba 2017-May-31
Numbers won't type -- LouiseFon 2017-Jun-02
Activation code -- lindaw 2017-Mar-12
Fluency and Ctrl + space -- VivMil 2017-Mar-03
Instant Text, Word 2016, and typing! -- ITlover 2017-Feb-19
Problem "docking to" Chrome browser -- Kim Hamacher 2017-Feb-19
Do Phrases change to Words with a keyboard shortcut? -- rkees828 2017-Feb-23
Saving IT options -- wendy93292 2017-Feb-21
Instant Text on 2 Computers -- LJones 2017-Feb-08
Dates glossary -- brendafain 2017-Jan-31
Lost my "add entry" window -- LindaW 2017-Jan-23
New computer and docking in Document Report Editor is very misaligned -- AbbieATC 2017-Jan-12
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