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We wish you a Happy New Year -- Marianne 2014-Jan-07
Create your own dates glossary -- Emmanuel 2013-Jan-29
Glossary with Editing Commands -- Marianne 2012-Apr-25
IT7 and Comcast -- Emmanuel 2011-Jul-16
Announcing Instant Text version 7.20 -- Marianne 2011-Mar-30
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Double Dash & Hard Space -- ccurrego 2014-Apr-09
Patient name in body of report -- Teslin 2013-Oct-01
Copy Glossary to Another Computer -- LindaOz 2014-Feb-26
British English glossaries (for Canada, Australia, New Zealand UK) -- sylkstream 2014-Feb-01
2014 glossaries? -- lindahensens 2013-Dec-31
Shortcut for Enrich -- Sereena 2014-Jan-09
Line numbering of glossaries -- A1 2014-Jan-09
Pick commands explained to newcomers -- Marianne 2013-Nov-14
Brand new user! Question on browsing files feature? -- mtisme 2013-Nov-22
An interactive command using a pick loop combined -- Emmanuel 2013-Oct-09
Getting my word to the number one position -- krostad 2013-Sep-24
Emdat Inscribe Commands -- Outofmymindyo 2013-Sep-19
How to enter a hard space -- lizzieko 2013-Sep-19
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Need reply to my posted question -- joano.1 2014-Apr-07
Running Instant Text and Shorthand simultaneously on a Windows 7 -- joano.1 2014-Apr-05
Shorthand -- lafeverk 2014-Mar-29
IT not linking to SoftScript's program -- Sandra2014 2014-Mar-01
IT7 and Chartnet -- kristieann 2013-Dec-27
Integra -- harplady 2014-Jan-15
Edit 1 -- cloverport 2013-Dec-19
Emdat compatibility -- cloverport 2013-Dec-05
Instant Text won't stay docked ... -- roadking08 2013-Sep-23
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Computer crashed -- LisaK 2014-Feb-20
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Getting new activation code -- LindaOz 2014-Apr-17 more...
Backspace after punctuation -- avach 2014-Apr-14
Administrator Permissions for IT Pro VII -- AnaP 2014-Apr-13
Cannot get Instant Text Pro7 to open -- Nicole 2014-Apr-08
Saving IT7 to use on another computer. -- Rose 2014-Apr-01
Expansions not working properly -- mponz 2014-Mar-31
Extra spaces -- Karenr 2014-Mar-24
Missing abbreviations -- Karenr 2014-Mar-23
IT won't link to Chartnet -- nytescrybe 2014-Mar-20
Adding to glossary -- Karenr 2014-Mar-19
Trying to figure out now to create a "-year-old" expansion -- ld78 2014-Mar-13
Hitting enter turns off instant text -- ld78 2014-Mar-12
Pause -- akhan 2014-Mar-05
Printing a glossary -- Karenr 2014-Mar-09
Adding to Instant Text - IT7Pro -- DebMullins 2014-Mar-02
Continuation help and Enrich issue -- lindahensens 2014-Feb-21
IT moves around -- Karenr 2014-Feb-20
No space between words -- rkees828 2014-Feb-19
Backing up Instant Text -- BarbN 2014-Feb-18
Activation on new computer -- 39tomatoe 2014-Feb-11
Using fields in Word to save in IT -- sudsy123 2014-Feb-02
Advisory window -- jsampson45 2014-Jan-15
Trouble with longer glossary entries -- rhodak 2014-Jan-03
Basic instructions for adding to dates glossary list -- lj 2014-Jan-02
IT7 will not connect to Radnet and stay connected -- wendy93292 2014-Jan-03
Virtual machine and IT -- cloverport 2014-Jan-01
Converting Multiple XML Files to Text Files -- iaobasa 2013-Dec-26
Using IT7 with Medent -- AnneL 2013-Dec-05
Instant Text suddenly not linking to app -- Rosepetal 2013-Dec-04
Changing from old expander -- Clcoutorie 2013-Nov-25
Single letters bringing up wrong choices -- AnneL 2013-Nov-18
CHARTSCRIPT -- debbieb 2013-Oct-29
Glossaries -- Lynne Parker 2013-Oct-31
Copying IT entries -- Samplescribe 2013-Oct-25
Numbering -- debbieb 2013-Oct-23
Expander keys staying in expanded phrase -- lsemple 2013-Oct-22
Windows 8, IT7 and Colemak combination help -- sylviag 2013-Oct-15
Alt+Enter to add glossary entry not working -- LorenMacGregor 2013-Oct-11
Error in files - operation terminated -- CB 2013-Oct-12
Command to add note to word/phrase grid that doesn't paste? -- LorenMacGregor 2013-Oct-06
WordPerfect x6 w/Windows 8 -- JG Judy Desrochers 2013-Sep-30
Instant Text putting phrases with numbers -- tomatoe39 2013-Sep-18
New Download - new laptop -- CorineB 2013-Sep-16
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