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Announcing Instant Text version 7.31 -- Emmanuel 2015-Oct-29
IT7 Pro fully compatible with Windows 10 -- Emmanuel 2015-Sep-28
Dates glossaries -- Marianne 2014-Jan-07
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Version 7.31 -- Emmanuel 2015-Oct-29
Renewing your Instant Text subscription -- Marianne 2015-Nov-02
Seeing additional choices -- meca974 2015-Oct-10
Just another thank you to Emmanuel and the IT team -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-08
Let IT add word endings with one keystroke. -- IT-ophile 2014-Dec-17
Is there a way to fix a typo that involves a space? -- tippytoes 2015-May-26
Launch question -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-05
Date for yesterday? -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-05
Automatic capitalization problem -- cindyME 2015-Sep-16
Creating dates link -- Susan Desborough 2015-Sep-01
Date format request (wish list) -- Carol James CMT 2015-Aug-26
Shortcut to Change Case in ChartScript -- RusticMT 2015-Aug-18
Messages in word/phrase advisory -- Bookmomhp 2015-Aug-01
Wish list, etc -- Carol James CMT 2015-Jun-30
Cap first letter command -- Lilou 2015-Jun-24
Manually reordering word entries in the order I want them -- jenns 2015-Jun-21
Editing glossary short forms -- Edeva 2015-Apr-23
Wish list item -- Carol James CMT 2015-Apr-15
Short Cut for command entries -- rjf443 2015-Apr-20
Special symbols and IT -- sooner 2015-Apr-10
Formatted Headings -- scaissie 2015-Mar-30
Automatically fixing tot he... -- RusticMT 2015-Mar-16
Duplicate entries -- lauriemchale 2015-Mar-13
Ctrl+Space erases the last word in Instant Text -- Marianne 2015-Mar-12
Create continuation by manual (one of) means -- ctkenye 2015-Feb-03
Word and Phrase markers -- Grindlecat 2015-Feb-01
Latest Instant Text 7 Pro release -- Marianne 2015-Jan-28
Happy New Year -- Marianne 2014-Dec-31
Minimizing glossary -- tbergt 2015-Jan-08
Need suggestions for using with SR -- nancy321 2014-Dec-30
2 dates do not show up but are in glossary -- Goalema30 2014-Dec-30
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Chartnet and Instant Text -- kmaureli 2015-Nov-25
Is the new IT version 7.31 compatible with Nuance EditScript versions? -- ah1 2015-Nov-02
Chartnet Windows 10 compatibility issue - solved -- nytescrybe 2015-Sep-24
Formatted entries -- rgro 2015-Sep-20
How to undock from certain windows in Emdat Inscribe -- Bookmomhp 2015-Aug-12
Crescendo compatibility -- Lilou 2015-Aug-03
IT not linking to Cerner application -- browneyedgirl 2015-Jul-21
Infraware -- abramsgrammy 2015-Jul-06
Configuration -- summer3 2015-Apr-22
Bayscribe through IE -- Pam B 2015-Apr-10
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Importing Formatted Entries -- GinnyS 2015-Jul-29
Importing Formulas -- rjf443 2015-Jun-10
2-word phrase conversion -- iaksma 2015-Mar-11 more...
Need help with importing autocorrect -- Nancy321 2014-Dec-19
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Glossary transfer -- Grindlecat 2015-Nov-08
Transfer of updated glossary from computer to laptop -- Grindlecat 2015-Nov-05
Case of the disappearing short -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-15
Glossary help -- ValW 2015-Oct-12
Cannot install new version as InstantText\Exe_v7\CBTHK.dll is in use -- Lilou 2015-Oct-12
Missing glossary entries -- vsx32 2015-Oct-08 more...
Error in installing 7.30 -- Carol James CMT 2015-Sep-29 more...
Extra Letters in Instant Text expansion phrases -- mholmstrom 2015-Sep-28 more...
Windows 10? -- Carol James CMT 2015-Sep-17 more...
Delete last word -- jsampson45 2015-Sep-22
What does this mean «Expansion» -- cxr5008 2015-Sep-01 more...
Newbie Question- How do I upload old glossary to a new subscription? -- cxr5008 2015-Aug-18 more...
Expander issue -- sdopps 2015-Aug-19 more...
Getting the letter v instead of a word -- Kathryn 2015-Aug-22 more...
IT is doing some really strange stuff, Help please! -- lindahensens 2015-Aug-07 more...
Control key with backspace/delete no longer working with IT7 open -- ValS 2015-Aug-08 more...
Truncating -- Teresa 2015-Jul-23
Can IT 7 emulate IT 5 Behavior -- 2015-Jul-31
Glitch in my shortcut -- MTCyndi 2015-Jul-03 more...
Format not kept when expanding -- Boldaura 2015-Jun-12
Using IT on 2 computers -- spikelina 2015-Jun-03
Lost glossary/phrase numbers along side -- Pam B 2015-May-18
Glossary disappeared - Trouble uploading to IT -- LindaOz 2015-May-13
Activation Code now required?? -- nytescrybe 2015-May-01
Alt commands in Triton/Amphion platform -- Linda Hensens 2015-Mar-18
How do I delete a glossary? -- LindaOz 2015-Mar-16
Moving glossary to new computer -- LindaOz 2015-Mar-16
IT Suddenly Stopped Working with Word -- cdaigle 2015-Mar-13 more...
IT7 activate window command -- AnneL 2015-Mar-06
IT not working in Apex with Java version 8 -- mponz 2015-Feb-20
Linking issues after AVG Tune-Up -- Ggill 2015-Feb-13
Colons followed by Spaces -- cdaigle 2015-Jan-26 more...
Change computer -- ellen errey 2015-Jan-18
Old glossary list pulling in up at startup -- cmd206 2015-Jan-18
Date Glossary 2015 -- pacawa 2015-Jan-02 more...
New Computer - already purchased upgrade -- K Yager 2014-Dec-29
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