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Create your own dates glossary -- Emmanuel 2015-Dec-08
Announcing Instant Text version 7.42 -- Emmanuel 2015-Oct-29
IT7 Pro fully compatible with Windows 10 -- Emmanuel 2015-Sep-28
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Dates (short/long form) Question -- NMB 2016-May-30
Importer -- Susan Desborough 2016-May-27
Transferring dictionaries from SpeedType -- Teddytoo 2016-May-27
H. pylori -- kathryn 2016-May-26
Can I Use Expanders in My Current Platform Separately? -- NMB 2016-May-15
Creating entries -- Mary Beth 2016-Mar-29
Sub/Super script entries -- Susan Desborough 2016-Apr-11
Unwanted glossary entry -- nutmeg63 2016-Apr-05
Pick List -- Susan Desborough 2016-Mar-24
Nesting shortcuts in a shortcut -- CherylM 2016-Mar-17
Assigning glossary number -- CherylM 2016-Mar-16
Have you ever dreamt of -- Emmanuel 2015-Dec-28
Using Instant Text in place of Macro - is it possible? -- MargiLowry 2016-Jan-22
Subscription, etc. -- Carol James CMT 2016-Jan-21
2016 Dates Generator -- A1 2016-Jan-03
Happy New Year -- Marianne 2016-Jan-01
Various date formats for Create Date Glossary -- 2015-Dec-31
Announcing Instant Text version 7.42 -- Emmanuel 2015-Dec-28
Version 7.31 -- Emmanuel 2015-Oct-29
Renewing your Instant Text subscription -- Marianne 2015-Nov-02
Seeing additional choices -- meca974 2015-Oct-10
Just another thank you to Emmanuel and the IT team -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-08
Launch question -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-05
Date for yesterday? -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-05
Automatic capitalization problem -- cindyME 2015-Sep-16
Creating dates link -- Susan Desborough 2015-Sep-01
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Instant Text and Windows 7, Word 7 -- Mary10000 2016-Mar-31
ChartNet -- bgunno 2016-Mar-24
Chartnet and Instant Text -- kmaureli 2015-Nov-25
Is the new IT version 7.31 compatible with Nuance EditScript versions? -- ah1 2015-Nov-02
Chartnet Windows 10 compatibility issue - solved -- nytescrybe 2015-Sep-24
Formatted entries -- rgro 2015-Sep-20
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Line Counter Setup -- Lex12 2016-Feb-23
Line counts -- tonithemt 2015-Dec-07
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Transferring Glossaries During Trial -- NMB 2016-May-10
Importing word expansion -- Nancym 2016-Feb-23
Removing upper case words and numbers in shorts -- cmd206 2015-Dec-09
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Linking to LWW Ready Reference Bookshelf -- schipsrbest 2016-May-18
Options & Tutorial Questions -- NMB 2016-May-16
Old Glossaries unable to edit -- rkennell 2016-May-02
Instant Text becomes 'unlinked' when flipping between screens -- AngelaJ 2016-Apr-28
Unable to add entry -- dacurtis 2016-Apr-25
Word expansion -- Karenr 2016-Apr-26
Instant Text glossaries -- Karenr 2016-Apr-25
Incorrect Glossary Line -- LJones 2016-Apr-18
Missing words that have been added to my glossary -- Paige363 2016-Apr-14
Singles glossary activation -- SCherry 2016-Apr-07
Condensing glossary -- Lex12 2016-Apr-02
Command function not responding in Inscribe -- Susan Desborough 2016-Mar-10
editscript not full screen when sharing with IT -- lynnslocum 2016-Apr-01
IT and Inscribe 6 -- nott 2016-Mar-22
Automatically Capitalizing Words -- RusticMT 2016-Mar-11
Printing a Glossary -- Lisa Thomas 2016-Mar-03
M-Modal platform question -- DeniseNewmark 2016-Feb-20
UltraEdit -- sooner 2016-Jan-14
Re-installed Win 7 - Need to open old glossary -- LindaOz 2016-Jan-18
Windows 7 Clipboard and IT stop working together -- 2015-Dec-31
Back up a glossary -- LindaOz 2016-Jan-02
Problem creating commands -- LindaOz 2015-Dec-10
Caps Lock -- RusticMT 2015-Dec-30
IT, Citrix, and Fusion -- nick.pettit 2015-Dec-29
IT will not stay attached to word -- greer1975 2015-Dec-24
Getting Started -- Taylork35 2015-Dec-20
Automatic spacing stopped after expansions -- Nightowlnette 2015-Dec-15
IT quit working -- Pam B 2015-Dec-09
Transfer of updated glossary from computer to laptop -- Grindlecat 2015-Nov-05
Glossary transfer -- Grindlecat 2015-Nov-08
Case of the disappearing short -- Carol James CMT 2015-Oct-15
Glossary help -- ValW 2015-Oct-12
Cannot install new version as InstantText\Exe_v7\CBTHK.dll is in use -- Lilou 2015-Oct-12
Missing glossary entries -- vsx32 2015-Oct-08 more...
Error in installing 7.30 -- Carol James CMT 2015-Sep-29 more...
Extra Letters in Instant Text expansion phrases -- mholmstrom 2015-Sep-28 more...
Windows 10? -- Carol James CMT 2015-Sep-17 more...
Delete last word -- jsampson45 2015-Sep-22
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