Condensing a glossary

Re: Duplicates and Condensing Glossaries -- NMB
Posted by Marianne , 06/22/2016, 11:29:06 Reply Top Forum

When you condense a glossary in the active glossary list, this will take all identical entries out of the highlighted glossary. However, you can always go back to the original glossary as Instant Text keeps this glossary under the same name with the following extension .~glo in the C:\InstText\Glossary folder. If you do, you just have to rename it and change the extension to .glo

As to your second question: When you try a new shortcut you will immediately see that you have identical short forms for different expansions. All you need to do is highlight the new entry, press Shift Alt= and change the short form to something else.

Many users see it as an advantage to be able to have the same short form for different expansions. :-)

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