Multiple commands in one command entry

Posted by CU , 08/16/2016, 12:12:14 Reply   Forum

Would someone kindly tell me how to create a command shortcut that contains more than one command? I work in ChartScript. I am trying to create a command to start a numbered list and to have it be bolded, including the items I transcribe after the numbers. The easiest way to do a numbered list in CS is Ctrl Shift 3. When I try to create this shortcut in IT, it lets me put in the one command and seems to think I'm done, and I can't add another. I tried going to the shortcut and editing it, but I've missed some step or something because instead of getting a bolded numbered list, I get {Ctrl B Ctrl Shift 3}. I tried putting in the separating { symbols between the 2 commands and get { Ctrl Shift 3} . What am I missing?

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