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Re: Workshop: Family History or Completion -- Cindyg
Posted by Marianne , 10/28/2016, 11:33:58 Reply Top Forum

Any time you convert your short forms or transform your glossary with the Workshop make sure you save it under a new name as you may want to go back to the original glossary after all.

The Completion tab of the Workshop offers a way to assign up to the first 6 letters as a short form to words listed in the Word section of your glossary. This has the effect that they appear in the Phrase advisory and will come up like in word completion mode.

To have phrase entries appear in the Word section, you can use the Transform tab of the Workshop and click on the Phrases to Words button. This will have the effect of putting all the phrase entries into the Word section of the glossary allowing you to type as a shortcut the first letter and any letter thereafter.

To do this transformation of only the 2-word phrases would require some editing first or some creative compilation.

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