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Posted by Marianne , 11/02/2016, 16:25:07 Reply Top Forum

When you click on Save As in the Glossary menu the current glossary can be saved under a different name. It will be saved with the extension .glo and this newly named glossary will now be the current glossary. The glossary with the old name will still be on your computer in the C:\InstText\Glossary folder but now you will be adding to the new one when pressing Alt=

I am not sure about the message you are getting about the BAK extension.
The .bak files are backup files between the moment you open Instant Text and the moment you close Instant Text. It is possible to change a .bak file to a .glo file. However, it is much better to save a glossary you transform with the Glossary Workshop as a new one with another name.

As to the 2nd question, the completion tab creates short forms of as many letters as you determine for the words and they become Phrase entries. Again, you should click on Save As to save the transformed glossary under a new name. If you want the words to come up the Instant Text way as well, you can include the original glossary to the new one.

If the glossary has also "real" phrases, including a glossary with identical phrases is not a problem. Duplicates will not show up in the advisories.

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