You may do so with 2 distinct ini files

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Posted by Emmanuel , 11/07/2016, 15:00:15 Reply Top Forum

You can indicate to Instant Text that you want it to use the settings of a specified ini file via the command line. So basically, you could have two Instant Text ini files, one for your medical work and one for your legal work and start Instant Text as follows:

C:\InstText\exe_v7\IT7Pro.exe /ini="C:\InstText\Settings\InstText_medical.ini

C:\InstText\exe_v7\IT7Pro.exe /ini="C:\InstText\Settings\InstText_legal.ini

Ideally you will create two Instant Text icons on your deskotp:

- IT7Pro M
- IT7Pro L

and right click each icon, select properties and in the target field add the /ini="..." parameter.

To create a copy of your current Instant Text ini file, open a file explorer and write: %localappdata%\VirtualStore\Windows in the address bar, this will bring you to the Virtual Store where your currently active Instant Text ini file sits. You can the copy this ini file to your Settings folder to create the two versions you want for your two working fields.

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