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Re: Change phrases to words? -- Cindyg
Posted by Bunny , 11/29/2016, 07:55:31 Reply Top Forum

Cindy, going forward always put words in as just words first. That will be so much easier and they'll always be there so you can type a few letters and bring them up. You can always choose to make short terms for them if you feel the need. You do not have to make short forms for words, making them then appear in the phrase column, but you can choose to do so.

So now you have words mixed in with phrases, and said words are not in IT as just words, and you're regretting that. I'm blanking on the best way to edit or convert such a list this early in the morning. I can think of several ways that I would do it.

Be sure to work with a copy of your list. You want to keep what you have, and then have something else which is different, altered in the way you desire.

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