No, but some words may be "continuations"

Re: Does IT add entries to your glossaries -- Cindyg
Posted by Marianne , 11/30/2016, 18:02:50 Reply Top Forum

Do these words come up in the Phrase advisory and do they have short forms?

You can always right-click on the word in the advisory, and in the Glossary Viewer find out where it comes from by looking at the status bar of the Glossary Viewer window.

Instant Text does not enter words into a glossary without you taking the initiative. Typing a word frequently doesn't cause it to be added to the current glossary. You decide whenever you want to add something or enrich your glossary.

However, you can have suggestions come up in the advisory of what is likely to come next based on the phrases you have in your glossary, the so-called continuations.

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