Installed on new laptop. Not lining up correctly

Posted by AbbieATC , 01/16/2017, 09:33:35 Reply   Forum

Hi! I purchased a new laptop recently and installed IT on it. I made sure I upgraded to the latest base version. When I am in my document report editor, my Instant Text box does not line up correctly with the report editor, and I lose my top inch of my report. I have to fiddle with the size of my stinking report editor to at least be able to see my taskbar where my time icon is located. Then, each time I move around in the report, the irregularity returns and I have to start over lining it back up. I honestly cannot recall having this issue before. It is seriously frustrating me. It is taking up a ton of time to correct multiple times per report, which slows me down dramatically. Do you all have any suggestions? I have Windows 10 and use Internet Explorer.

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