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Re: IT w/Radnet -- bgunno
Posted by wendy93292 , 02/10/2017, 00:07:54 Reply Top Forum

Just have had issue with Radnet and IT which may resemble yours.

My IT program will not connect to window of Cerner Radnet and though my glossary will show up and insert into window, phrases are fragmented or last portion is chopped off.

I need help with this. I called support and will try again tomorrow.

I connect through Foxfire but all of a sudden had to go through IE to reach hospital platform so it may be something else entirely. IT techs have spent a few hours and came up with nothing. I am wondering if anyone can help me. Am Independent Contractor and am running out of sources when my contract ends in 2 weeks and my income disappears.

Wendy Davis
Rad MT

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