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Posted by wendy93292 , 02/22/2017, 23:37:43 Reply Top Forum

I am in the end of a contract, and I am in the flood zone of the dam about to fail in California. I am sorry if I upset you all by being panicked when my expansion program completely erased my preferences every time I made a change but I have about 120 reports to type a day. I am a single woman with a mortgage and I am in full fight or flight zone due to the inability to work.

I would appreciate it very much if anyone could figure out why my IT program reverts back to the factory issued preferences and glossary. I left my computer on last night to make sure it stayed the same, left IT open and when I began to work today, it had reverted back to factory state all by itself.

Marianne just wrote that she "cancelled my order" which I am unable to understand. The facility i work for has IT and I have IT.

This is my computer, and I have administrative rights but this seems to make no difference.

This is a serious situation and patient lives are at state as I work radiology evening shift (ER reports).

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