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Re: When you Alt Tab to Chrome -- Emmanuel
Posted by Kim Hamacher , 03/01/2017, 23:31:06 Reply Top Forum

Yes. IT is fully 'operational' with Chrome. Any shortcuts that I have memorized function properly as does spacing, capitalization, etc. The problem is that IT's 'Elements' are not visible. I double checked in Options, although I haven't changed anything since the problem began :), and confirmed that for Layout and Visible Screen Elements all the ones that I use with other programs (excel, word, etc.) are global and are working with all the other programs I use, but when I Alt-Tab to Chrome IT is just not visibly docked. It's like Chrome and IT have just decided to not play nicely together this past month. As I type now, using Chrome as my browser, I changed the focus to IT (to check the options menu) and then just moused back to this message box and IT is visible right now at the bottom of the screen (normal for me) but it's not 'docked' to Chrome. It's sorta sitting on top of the browser window and Chrome doesn't have it's 'outline box' ?? thingy around it like it normally would with IT docked 'properly.'

Now I see that if I use Chrome in a less than maximized window, IT docks like I would expect... But I don't recall ever having to leave Chrome less than maximized before. Sounds more and more like it's a Chrome setting somewhere. But I'm stumped. Thanks for your help!

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