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Re: Some help -- dfortais
Posted by Marianne ® , 03/09/2017, 17:00:47 Reply Top Forum

You can either email or call 781-272-3200 ext 2.

When you type a few letters and Instant Text does not show any suggestions in the advisories, you need to check whether you are using your client application as administrator. If that is the case, Instant Text needs to be run as administrator as well.

Otherwise you need to check in the Client Configurator:
1. Is “Use Instant Text With This Application” unchecked
2. Is "Suspend Linking" checked
In the first case the Link indicator on the Instant Text caption would be red. In the second case it would be orange.

Linking can be suspended with a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+/+L - This is not a combination of keys that you hit by accident, but who knows...

As for redownloading the software, you can always do that. It does not affect your glossaries. Just don't uninstall.

It is though recommended to regularly make backups of the glossaries you are using and adding to.

Which other entries are you expecting to show up? Instant Text shows the ones that are in the "current" glossary (the one that is highlighted) and the ones of the included glossaries if there are any.

As mentioned at the beginning, you can call tech support for help.

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