Command entry problem

Posted by Mtinsanity , 07/12/2017, 21:31:03 Reply   Forum

Hoping someone can help with this. When I create a bolded, underlined header such as "PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS:" for instance, it looks like it will work perfectly after it expands. However, even though in the command I have it set to unbold and stop the underlining, as soon as I begin to type the word following the colon the underline will continue on for about two characters. The bold stops immediately as it is supposed to. I tried allowing it to automatically make the spaces after the colon to see if that didn't. I put the spaces in myself manually to see if that would didn't. It's not a huge inconvenience, but one I just don't want to have to take time with when I know it is not supposed to work this way. My command line looks like this: {command}{Ctrl B}{Ctrl U}PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSES:{Ctrl B}{Ctrl U}

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