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Re: Sort Order -- Cindyg
Posted by Carol James CMT , 07/29/2017, 23:28:09 Reply Top Forum

I agree that the marker key, not the space bar, is the way to go. Nevertheless, using the marker key does not limit doing some things that the space bar would automatically expand on its own. A lot of us use the Typo Glossary as a "cheat" expander. In other words, my company always has ER to expand to emergency room. So I put ER in the typo glossary so when I hit the space bar, it automatically expands, no marker key needed. (Some meds will have ER (extended release) in the name; those I put in a med glossary and the ER does not auto expand when contained in those shorts.) Names of hospitals and medical centers, same, MCMH always expands with the space bar to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital because I have it in the typo glossary to change MCMH to the expanded version. Any word or phrase that you know is something you CONSISTENTLY want expanded a certain way, the typo glossary is a quick "lazy" way to use the spacebar to expand those. That's what I love about Instant Text - so many ways to explore and experiment with what works for each individual need! Well worth establishing comfort with the marker key, though.

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