Can power outage corrupt a glossary?

Posted by Carol James CMT , 09/03/2017, 13:32:02 Reply   Forum

I had an abrupt power outage in the middle of a report Friday. I was currently in my main glossary, ABCZMain.Glo. That, of course, is the glossary which is included in many other glossaries. When power came back on, I rebooted computer and when I tried to load Instant Text, it kept giving me the message that the ABCZMain glossary "file is incorrect." Then it loaded the second glossary without error, then the prompt again came up "ABCZMain glossary file is incorrect" and that continued to come up on every glossary load. I closed IT and rebooted computer - same scenario. At this point, I let the glossaries try to load despite the error. Lo and behold the IT seems to be working OK; so far I see one entry from one glossary (the one that's included everywhere) missing, but I found that just because I tried to use it so there may well be other entries missing. Does this mean I have something corrupt? I backup the glossaries every week to Dropbox so do I need to replace them with my backup or will that just make things more confusing? At this point I'm afraid to turn off the computer or exit IT. I've had power outages before and IT seemed to not be affected, but not this time. Thanks for any guidance.

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