Re: Power outages -- Bunny
Posted by Carol James CMT , 09/04/2017, 23:47:22 Reply Top Forum

Where would I buy a product like that? I don't have a generator for the house - it this specific to one room or piece of equipment?

I went ahead and bought the IT tech help for a year so Emmanuel can help me figure this out. I got IT to work enough to transcribe by pasting from my backup, but when I looked in Includes list of my main glossary, many were missing that I always have there. Also many shorts seem to have transferred themselves to another glossary instead. Quite the mess, and I'm missing some wonderful shorts that it will be hard to rebuild. I did the glossary repair and also the condense, but it didn't affect anything. I've lost power in the middle of transcribing before many times but it has never changed IT until this time. Thanks for the response!

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