UPS/battery backup

Re: Thanks -- Carol James CMT
Posted by Bunny , 09/05/2017, 08:20:18 Reply Top Forum

If you put UPS battery backup into a search engine, you will find articles about why you need it and how powerful it should be and links to where you can buy one.

If you have backups of your glossaries, then you should still have backups with which you can replace any damaged glossaries. They were not on the computer but on some other media, correct? If your user file from the time of the incident was damaged, you should be able to re-add as includes the glossaries you want to have as part of your working glossaries.

This is a lesson to all of us to keep a record of what our includes are. Ideally we would all have a backup computer with an identical configuration to use to keep working in case of such a crisis. Hard drives fail. Power supplies fail.

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