Thanks for the info

Re: UPS/battery backup -- Bunny
Posted by Carol James CMT , 09/05/2017, 10:24:15 Reply Top Forum

I will indeed look that up. I did faithfully every Friday night back up IT into Dropbox, thinking everything was safe. But when I retrieved from Dropbox after the power outage, many things were missing from my main glossary, and the IT settings themselves were changed; IT didn't load with all the includes so I had to add those back in. I will just have to go through my 800 dictator (hard-copy) folders and try to rebuild normal physicals, headings, templates, etc. I won't know everything that's missing until I need it, then I will find out. Oh well. Electricity is a blessing and a curse. It went out 3 months ago when I was using Quicken to reconcile my bank statement, and that really got screwed up as well. IT is my lifeline, though, so anything messed up with it is much worse.

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