Is IT compatible with PathNet Anatomic Pathology Transcription?

Posted by Dawna Swiedom , 09/17/2017, 11:46:34 Reply   Forum


I am considering purchasing IT and have looked at the list of programs with which IT is compatible, but I do not see PathNet listed. I currently use this program and there is absolutely no text expansion/autocorrect feature available, which means that I transcribe each and every word in a pathology report the long way. A few macros have been created by the hospital's IS department, but I need to look up the correct name of the macro (which each dictator renames, of course), hit an F button, and then correct the spelling or punctuation in the macro once it comes up. It is actually easier to just type it all out than use the macro. Does anyone know if IT will work with PathNet?

Also--I transcribe outpatient office visits into Centricity directly into the chart (not cut and paste). I see that IT is compatible with Cerner and Centricity, but would it be useable in this application?

Thank you for any information,


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