This is how it can be done in MSWord 7

Re: Skipping ahead to next comma in a series? -- justetthon
Posted by Marianne , 10/31/2017, 11:19:18 Reply Top Forum

The following command entry will find the next comma:
{command}{Ctrl F},{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Enter}{Delete}{Escape}{NoSpacing}

To transform a list of items into a numbered list you can expand the following entry using the Stop & Resume commands. This 2nd entry will initiate the numbering of the first item and stop so you can use the "findnextcomma" entry and resume:

Once you are at the next comma, you resume this 2nd command entry with the Resume command:
which will create the 2nd line of your numbered list. This 2nd entry will handle 4 items. You can add more commands for longer lists.

It's up to you to determine what short forms you want to use for these entries! :-)

If the items need to be capitalized, you would need to edit the 2nd entry and add commands that would do that.

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