Getting search back to default

Posted by Cindyg , 11/13/2017, 13:24:39 Reply   Forum

I find if I search (through the glossary) for a whole world or if I search backwards, I can't get back to the regular search method without closing and reopening IT. What am I missing? Is the limitation supposed to toggle on and off (because it doesn't seem to)? Nor does pressing F3 seem to help.

Also, if I want to enter a term in the search box, how do I get my cursor there without using the mouse?

Also, sometimes I have a scroll lock function as I scroll through the glossary. In other words, the words scroll, but my cursor position stays the same. Usually that's not the case. I don't know how I've turned that on. Do you?

Also, is it possible to move a glossary entry to another glossary without using the mouse? Is there a shortcut key combination?

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