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Re: Getting search back to default -- Cindyg
Posted by Marianne , 11/17/2017, 11:23:58 Reply Top Forum

To get your cursor into the Search box of the Glossary Viewer without using the mouse you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S and type in the term you want to search.

To do a search of the term you entered into the Search box you should use the F3 key, to do a reverse search you use Shift+F3.

If you are in a forward search and have the focus on the glossary entries, pressing S is like pressing the S button. If you are in a reverse search, pressing S is continuing the reverse search unless you change it to the forward search with F3.

As for the scrolling, I am not able to reproduce this even after pressing the Scroll Lock key.

As for the last question, the only way I see for the time being is to right-click on the entry you want to transfer from one glossary to another before using the arrow keys to navigate the menu.

More about Searching a glossary entry at link below.

Related link: Searching and navigating a glossary

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