Yes, there is a way to do this!

Re: Can I limit the advisories to exact matches -- Cindyg
Posted by KarenS , 12/22/2017, 03:54:59 Reply Top Forum

Hi, Cindy!

There is a way to get the visual results you are wanting. When you are creating the initial entries, if you are accepting the default "first letter of each name" that IT suggests, simply double the last letter. That will make it automatically unique from other entries which begin with those letters. It will not guarantee it is the ONLY entry, meaning if you have multiple entries that begin with the same letters, it will show all of those. But it will stop the display from going beyond that to show all entries that begin with that letter.

So, for example, if you have ...


... when you first start typing abcd, you will see all of those entries. But as soon as you press the second d, you will ONLYsee the first entry.

When you first add a new glossary entry, your cursor is already going to be positioned at the end of the short, so it's a very simple and quick process to simply add that last letter again to the entry before hitting ENTER.

If you already have a bunch of entries in your glossary(ies) that you would like to modify in that way, then close out of Instant Text, navigate to your IT glossary folder, and open the glossary in Notepad. Then just scroll down and add that extra letter to any glossaries that you wish to do so. Save the changed, and reopen IT.

You can also do this without closing IT, but I usually recommend that people close IT first when they are new to this concept, just as a precaution to ensure there are no conflicts.


~Karen :)

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