So much easier - thank you! :)

Re: To simulate a right click on the advisory selection -- Emmanuel
Posted by KarenS , 12/23/2017, 02:45:59 Reply Top Forum

Thank you, Emmanuel! I've been doing this all these years via an AutoHotkey shortcut because many years ago, I likely misinterpreted the manual to imply that my cursor needed to first be focused in the advisory window to automatically move the current selection to the top.

I was thinking that would facilitate using a simple IT short to accomplish the "move to top" process, but I was wrong. I still need to use AutoHotkey, and now, for some reason, IT does not like the AHK interrupt, and when I press Alt+t (my AHK shortcut) to move to the top, it empties out the advisory window, which then messes up the process. I have other AHK shortcuts that work with whatever is currently listed in the advisory window, and they seem happy, so not sure what's going on here.

But even worst-case scenario, it's quick and easy enough to just do the steps manually if need be, with the Alt+Shift+= shortcut, so I'm not complaining too loudly.

Thanks again! :)

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