You can repeat the Ctrl Right command

Re: Multiple words -- Susan Desborough
Posted by Marianne , 05/18/2018, 09:50:22 Reply Top Forum

A faster way to do this would be to use a "Pick loop" instead of having an entry for 1, 2, 3, n words.

The entries you would need to create are the following:

In the Pick List glossary add 2 entries. The first one creates the loop:
{command}{Ctrl Right}{Backspace}{PickList}ctrlright{/PickList}{NoSpacing}

The second one:

allows to add the final bracket after x number of words. Both entries need to have the same short form which is their pick list name. You can name them, for instance, ctrlright

In your regular glossary you add an entry such as:

with a short form of your choice. You could choose "addbrackettomultiplewords" knowing that you don't have to type all the letters of your short form. :-)

Now you can type adbmw and you will get the first bracket and the possibility to get to end of the next word by pressing the marker key again, and again until you decide to add the final bracket using the 2nd choice in the pick list that keeps coming up.

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