Windows 10/Word 365

Posted by rowelx , 06/29/2018, 10:42:24 Reply   Forum

I'm having trouble with lag time when using Word 365 (yuck). I had been using Word 2010 and had no issues with this at all. When I expand an IT entry, it takes a few seconds to appear on the screen and looks as though it is typing each letter very slowly. I've also noticed a very slight lag time with straight typing. Has anyone else had a problem with this?

I do have a newer computer at home than the one I use in the office. When straight typing, I do have the same slight lag time, but have not noticed the long lag time when expanding an IT phrase or word. Is it possible that this is just an issue with computer processor speed and not with Word 365?

Mostly I'm just curious to see if anyone else has had this happen. I know it is not an IT problem, but probably a compatibility/computer problem. It would be nice to know if someone has come up with a work-around or has a solution!

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