A series of keystroke shortcuts can be executed by Instant Text

Re: Templates and Save As -- dynamics
Posted by Marianne , 08/09/2018, 12:08:56 Reply Top Forum

by expanding glossary entries that contain the sequence of keyboard shortcuts necessary to obtain what you want to achieve. It would just take typing the few letters you assign to the short form to get this done.

In your case you would have one glossary entry that opens the template, and another one that saves the document as type Word 2003-2007.

To create these entries you can either enter the series of keyboard shortcuts one after the other into the Add window using Record a key or use the Record in client in the Command menu. If you use the latter, the client would be the Windows File manager for the 1st entry and MS Word for the 2nd entry.

To create these entries you have to know a little bit about which keyboard shortcuts do what: Alt+F to open the File menu, Alt+A to do Save as, Tab to get to the box Save as type and Down arrow to get the drop-down list, etc.

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