Problems after condensing and others

Re: Please contact Tech Support -- Emmanuel
Posted by Arlene , 10/12/2018, 00:18:06 Reply Top Forum

Thanks for responding so quickly. It is very much appreciated. Because I really needed to clear this up, I spent quite a few hours manually deleting entries from the glossary in question. I hadn't saved the changes when I saw the problem that occurred so I was able to open the original glossary after all and so I proceeded to eliminate entries individually. This will work for me for now.

However, there are certain entries that won't allow me to delete them. I get this message: "The current line is not a glossary entry.First plalce the cursor on a glossary entry before retrying." The odd thing is that most of the entries pertain to the same topic, an account I no longer transcribe for. Any idea what is causing this?

Additionally, why when I click on Help from inside IT I'm directed to MS Windows Help? I don't know how long this has been going on because I rarely if ever use the Help option. I'm totall bewildered by all this and value your input.

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