IT Submenus appear in second monitor [SOLVED]

Posted by KarenS , 11/04/2018, 20:01:36 Reply   Forum

Greetings, IT Heroes :)

I have an external monitor set as Monitor 1 and my laptop monitor as Monitor 2. My monitor display settings are set to "extend display" and to use the external monitor (1) as my main monitor.

I have Word open on Monitor 1 (external), and have all of the boxes checked for:

Use Instant Text With This Application
Instant Text Follows Application Automatically
Dock to Current Window

When I right-click on IT, initially, all of the submenus were appearing on my laptop monitor (2). After dragging them over to my (external) main monitor (1), some of the windows then learned how I wanted them to behave, but some are still appearing on my laptop monitor and I am unable to change that behavior.

The two submenus that are the most problematic are the submenus that appear when you right-click on the gray bar in the advisory window to get the submenus for productivity stats, options, etc., or the other submenu for number of lines to display, etc.

I have looked high and low and don't see anywhere to deliberately control this behavior. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


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