Modifying included glossaries

Posted by Susan Desborough , 12/31/2018, 20:04:22 Reply   Forum

Happy New Year! :)
I have an odd problem that has occurred which I hope I can explain.
My company have a new account and so I created a new glossary for that account. I included my main glossary into it. Because it uses a different font, I deleted the heading formatted entries in the new glossary.

To my surprise, when I went back to use the main glossary, all those formatted entries (bolded with one carriage return) I had deleted in the new one were gone.

I just thought the glossaries created worked independently of each other and you could move, delete, add to them without affecting other glossaries.

Gosh, I hope this makes sense!

Does this not include the included glossary? Meaning if I make a change to the included glossary it will affect every other glossary that has that include?
Can you tell me what I have done incorrectly?

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