Words not showing up

Re: Words in glossary disappearing -- SandyF
Posted by Marianne , 02/14/2019, 16:43:37 Reply Top Forum

There may be several reasons.

Your word may be too short to show up. In this case check under Options/Advisories what the Minimum number of letters per word in Word Glossary is.

Your glossary file or the InstText.ini file in the C:\Windows folder may be Read-only or have limited access rights.

Make sure you are always using the same glossary coming from the same loaction. You can check this in the Glossary Viewer on the right lower corner on the status bar.

To double-check whether your new entry is saved properly, you can close Instant Text and reopen it. If the new word does not show up even though none of the 3 reasons above don't apply you may want to check your computer. Glossaries are text files and Instant Text does not change. It saves the file you have in your active glossary list.

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