IT and eScribers Template Manager

Posted by AmBeck22 , 02/18/2019, 11:24:07 Reply   Forum

Hello. I'm having an issue getting IT to dock and work with the eScribers templates which is a template manager where I have to choose a template and it opens up with macros popping up, which I fill in accordingly. The unusual part is that it worked yesterday and I don't know how I managed that! The eScribers template thing uses Word and a lot of macros. I figured IT would not work with it since it wasn't doing so upon starting my job, so I was going to start adding some things to Word's AC. Before I could do so, IT was working fine with it and I completed my jobs with no problem. Today, it's not working at all. I can't think of anything I did differently. Is there ever an instance where IT works with something and then mysteriously doesn't? I cannot think of anything to try. Thanks in advance if anyone has a suggestion or solution.

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