Has anyone ever found a work-around this Pedable software by NCH

Posted by YPaula79 , 04/02/2019, 06:18:01 Reply   Forum

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this message, but apparently the company I am contracting with has implemented this application from NCH software called "Pedable" that takes over our USB foot pedals and all of our shortcuts cannot be used with IT running anymore. Our shortcuts, however, have been copied to the company's web-based typing platform, so they are there, but it is going to be very difficult because of the visual I get when I type with IT. Most of the shortcuts I have remembered or my fingers have remembered, but I will no longer be able to glance down and choose which column I need to choose to get the correct phrase. This is a major flaw in their configuration and, to me, it's like typing blindfolded.

I was wondering if anyone else was in this situation themselves and if so, what did they do to fix it. The audio is going to be playing through the company's web-based platform and without Pedable, we will not be able to play the audio, so we won't be able to work. Either way, it's going to be almost impossible to provide any real productivity with the changes.

If there could be a workaround for this, please let me know as soon as possible. (Unless I can figure out how to extract the audio file from the web platform and then play it through Express Scribe? And I don't even know how or if that can even be done).

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