Short expands differently depending on location on Word document?

Posted by CarolM2 , 04/13/2019, 20:44:53 Reply   Forum

I have an entry for gastroc-soleus. The short I use is g. When I'm in Word and type start typing g-a-s-t-r-o... gastric-soleus populates in the word column. I expand it with my marker key [ and it expands correctly to gastroc-soleus, but if I expand it at any other location in the document other than the beginning of a new line it expands to gastric-soleus?

I've never had this problem before. I even restarted my computer and deleted and recreated the entry, and it still happens? So far, it only happens with this one entry.

Trying in this forum window. I don't have that problem.
gastroc-soleus gastroc-soleus gastroc-soleus.
I also tried it in my browser, Edge. Again it worked fine. It only is happening in Word? I assume Word is changing it, but it doesn't do that with other entries just this one?

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