OMG - the fix works!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Some ideas -- Emmanuel
Posted by KarenS , 06/11/2019, 02:09:57 Reply Top Forum

Hi, Emmanuel - I just discovered your response last week, and I loaded the ITFix executable, as you suggested. I waited several days to response on purpose because I wanted to be sure to allow enough time to pass to get a sense of whether the fix was working or not.
So now it's been five full working days since I installed it, and I've put in enough hours at my keyboard that I think I can safely call it a WIN!!!!!!!!!!! I have not had a single instance of nonresponsiveness since installing it, and since the problem started happening, I have absolutely not been able to go this long without encountering the issue. So I'm optimistic that it's going to be blue skies once again from here on out! I will put a tickler on my calendar to remind me to come back here with an update in several months to confirm that the problem is still gone, just to add further credibility to the success of the fix.

Emmanuel, you are my hero. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking the time to look into this, and for figuring out the fix! Interestingly, when the fix ran, it said my current hook settings were set to -1, which it changed to 5,000. What the . . . I know I never did that, for sure, because I wouldn't even know how! It's a mystery how it managed to get set that low, which must have happened at some point AFTER building my new PC, because the problem didn't start happening immediately. And it only happened once in a rare blue moon on my laptop (which I used daily for two years before building this PC). So something must have triggered the change. But I'm not too worried about the why, since it appears we now have a fix for to put that mischievous little gremlin in its place.

You're awesome, just like my IT software! I'm a happy camper again. Thank you for saving the day! Big heart to you! :)

P.S. In response to your suggestion that I move the AHK entries to the typos glossary, that would not be possible. However, the fix you provided - whether coincidental or not - seems to have helped with the AHK problem as well. Could they be related somehow? I only ever had the AHK problem right after the IT problem showed up. So perhaps they are.

In any case, the whole reason I have the AHK entries is to SUPPLEMENT IT and continue where IT leaves off and do the things IT is unable to do. For example, I have an AHK entry to finish the process of adding a typo to the typo glossary, because once you're IN a glossary entry to add or edit it, IT does not allow for an automated way to finish the steps. So AHK finishes that for me with a single keystroke. I have many entries like that. AHK also allows me to use the N-key rollover feature so that I can tap two keys simultaneously to use as a shortcut, thereby extending my shortcut options for certain processes. The list goes on and on. I love having both IT and AHK working together, and apparently, since your magical fix, they are both getting along much better. :)

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