Didn't see you!

Re: Do you mean ... -- Emmanuel
Posted by KarenS , 06/11/2019, 02:15:33 Reply Top Forum

Hi again, Emmanuel -

The reason I posted my previous comment about not receiving a response was because I did not see any responses to my original post. In addition, when I would come back to the forum to check to see if I had any responses, sometimes it was hard to even find my original post to check for responses. Even searching for my name didn't turn up anything. It seemed to be a random thing, so I'm unable to reproduce the problem, but that behavior gave me the impression that my post was perhaps not seen by you either, since I sometimes had trouble finding it. I have no idea what was going on!

On another note, once you did respond with the suggested fix, I did not receive any notification in email that you had responded. The only reason I knew about it was I came back here to see if there might be a response. I don't check the forum every single day, so several weeks went by before I saw your response.

Is there a way to trigger email notifications when someone responds to a post? That would be helpful. Thanks! And thank you again for your oh-so-helpful original response to my post! :)

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