Glossary backup question

Posted by Pam H. , 06/28/2019, 16:19:43 Reply   Forum

I am a long-time user of InstantText (love it!) for about 20 years. I've backed up my Glossary folder many times. This time, however, when I went to back it up the date did not change to a more current date. In other words, I last backed it up in February 2019 and have made changes in my medical glossary since then and would expect the Glossary file to have a later date sometime in the month of June 2019 with my latest changes, but the date remained the same as the date in February 2019 as if no changes have been made since February. I'm worried I did not capture my latest changes and am wondering if these are stored in the cloud now or something. Does this make sense? Are these files still stored locally on my computer? Any idea why it would not show a revised date? I'd like to be assured I've captured my latest changes - advice?

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