Help with entry using {Stop} commands

Posted by CherylM , 08/22/2019, 23:23:49 Reply   Forum

I am trying to create an expander that will capitalize a word after a stop code. This word is in quotation marks. There is always a space between the " and the word following the ".

This is my glossary phrase entry:
{command}Received labeled "{Stop}{Left}{Ctrl Shift Left}{Ctrl C}{Capitalize}" and "{Stop}{Backspace}" is a biopsy of {Stop}fragments of soft, gray tissue measuring {Stop}cm in aggregate. Sections:

This is what I end up with: (stop code prompts me to enter a word, I want the word "kayak" capitalized and I want the words Kayak and abdomen to look like "Kayak" and "abdomen".

Received labeled " Kayak" and " abdomen" is a biopsy of two fragments of soft, gray tissue measuring 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 cm in aggregate. Sections: Representative.

Thank you! I have worked on this for hours and cannot figure this out!

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