Your entry is missing some {NoSpacing} directives

Re: Help with entry using {Stop} commands -- CherylM
Posted by Emmanuel , 08/23/2019, 03:53:13 Reply Top Forum

I am trying to create an expander that will capitalize a word after a stop code. This word is in quotation marks. There is always a space between the " and the word following the ".

This is my glossary phrase entry:

{command}Received labeled "{Stop}{Left}{Ctrl Shift Left}{Ctrl C}{Capitalize}" and "{Stop}{Backspace}" is a biopsy of {Stop}fragments of soft, gray tissue measuring {Stop}cm in aggregate. Sections:

This is what I end up with: (stop code prompts me to enter a word, I want the word "kayak" capitalized and I want the words Kayak and abdomen to look like "Kayak" and "abdomen".

Received labeled " Kayak" and " abdomen" is a biopsy of two fragments of soft, gray tissue measuring 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 cm in aggregate. Sections: Representative.

Thank you! I have worked on this for hours and cannot figure this out!

The point you are missing is the need for NoSpacing directives before the Stop commands.

Why? The explanation is the following, whenever Instant Text stops expanding, be it in the middle of an entry due to a Stop or Pick command, it adds a space if it has not encountered a NoSpacing directive before.

The idea is that the Stop and Pick commands slice your entry in multiple expansions, and Automatic Spacing applies to each of them, unless you explicity tell that you don't want it via a NoSpacing directive.

So in your entry you should replace the 2 occurences of "{Stop} by "{NoSpacing}{Stop}. Note that the last two occurences of {Stop} in your entry don't need a {NoSpacing} before, simply because they are preceded by a space already, and Instant Text does not apply Automatic Spacing after an expansion that ends with a space.

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