Import autocorrect and autotext with IMPORTER through IT

Posted by akrambeer , 02/20/2020, 06:49:49 Reply   Forum

I keep seeing discussions about using the Importer program to import data from other programs (autocorrect, shortcuts, etc.) into IT, but the actual program referred to as "Importer" doesn't exist...Anywhere. When I click the link for it through my IT app, it's a dead link. When I google it, it's only mentioned in discussions, no download options, etc.

Can anyone tell me what's going on with this, because if I have to start all over, recreating 15 YEARS of autocorrect and autotext compilations I have, then I want my $ back because that would be something I'm not interested in doing and I feel very misled because I ordered IT based on the fact that everything I read said I would be able to import previous databases.

THANK YOU in advance for any assistance given here! :-)

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