Inscribe and Google Search

Posted by LisaT , 05/07/2020, 02:09:38 Reply   Forum

Hi, I use Inscribe and I am trying to get "Search Last Typed Word in Google" command to work. It works fine in Word using: {command}{Ctrl Shift Left}{Ctrl C}{Right}{Wait}200{/Wait}{Launch}{/Launch}{Wait}500{/Wait}{Wait}100{/Wait}{Ctrl V}{Enter} but when I try it from Inscribe, the Google page comes up but it doesn't paste the copied word in there automatically. If I then press Ctrl + V, it just pastes the above command in. If I copy the word before I enter the command, it works perfectly. I also tried creating a new entry using the "Record in Client" command but it didn't make any difference. Can anyone suggest what I might be able to try to get this to work properly please?

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