ITP not recognizing glossary location

Posted by Debbie Fortais , 06/09/2020, 13:50:45 Reply   Forum

ITP experts I need your help! The latest Windows update totally screwed things up. Somehow it ended up loading an old copy of my glossaries so useless to me. I then had to uninstall ITP because it was not working, next my downloads were restricted to Microsoft Store apps only! What a pain and how did this even happen? Now ITP will not recognize the location of my glossaries! I am stuck and do not know how to fix this. I have backed up all glossaries to an external drive and completely deleted them from my computer and reloaded the most current one on my c: drive in the usual location but now when I go to use ITP it does not work and keeps giving me the message that it cannot find the location of the glossary! I absolutely hate Windows! Any ideas of what to do please?

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