Announcing Instant Text 8 and Instant Text 9

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We are pleased to announce the final releases of our new versions:
  • Instant Text WNP 8 Pro
  • Instant Text EXP 9 Pro

If you have an on-going time-limited subscription you can use either version with your current activation code.

Both new versions install in different folders and do not interfere at all with InstantáTextá7. This makes exploring the new versions very easy, and you can get used to either one of them in a leisurely unstressful way. The new features in both versions are identical.

The difference between version 8 and 9 are the expansionátables:

  1. Instant Text users who have been working with 2áexpansionátables, WordsáandáPhrases (WNP), may want to use InstantáTextá8.

  2. Instant Text users who have been working with 1áexpansionátable and those who have a taste for new discoveries may not hesitate to use InstantáTextá9.

To see what's new, please visit our dedicated forums:
InstantTextWNP Forum
What's New

InstantTextEXP Forum
What's New

We look forward to discussing and helping you use all the exciting new features. Your questions and comments are most welcome on these two forums.

Marianne and Emmanuel

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