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Re: Naturally, I want to try this! -- LB
Posted by Jon Knowles , Thu, Nov 06, 2003, 01:10:41 Reply Top Forum

Hi LB,

Let's see if I can be clearer about what I've been doing, or would suggest based on the results so far.

First, I made a shell glossary, one that could Include other glossaries.
I called it DrRepeto. To get that I opened Empty as a glossary and saved it as DrRepeto. Then I did a multiple compilation. I selected the folder that has the past dictation of Dr. Repeto. I compiled a glossary from that folder with settings of 3 for minimum word frequency and 5 for max words per phrase. I then saved it as Repeto 3 5.

Next, I repeated the compilation. (You don't even have to close the compilation box - just put in different word frequency and max words per phrase.) This time my settings were 6 for word frequency and 9 for max words per phrase. IT did its thing and compiled the glossary. I then saved this one as Repeto 6 9.

Then I opened Dr. Repeto's shell glossary ("DrRepeto") and Included Repeto 3 5 and Repeto 6 9. I moved Repeto 3 5 so that it was above Repeto 6 9 and its entries would appear first in the advisories. (I also include other glossaries, from the ABCZ set.)

You don't need to copy a glossary - you just do two compilations using the different settings. You save each glossary, then Include them in a shell glossary. This technique can be used on other work as well - say all ortho work or internal medicine work, but all my work is organized by doctor so that's how I compile it.

I'm glad to hear you're going to try this out! I got some amazing results tonight with a fairly repetitive doctor (less so with a less repetitive one but still better than before. :) . I suggest experimenting with different settings since compilation takes so little time - 3 5 and 6 9 are what I've been using but other settings may be better for smaller folder sizes than I have (mainly 200KB to 1 MB). The main thing to watch out for, I found, was ending up with glossaries that are too large and put the whammy on Word Perfect 8 or my system.

I'm thinking of trying three compilations with different settings just for fun, but I hope two will be enough.


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