I am finding the "Includes" feature very useful as well. sm

Re: TIP: My take on the benefits of "Includes." -- MarieR
Posted by Patty A , Tue, Aug 15, 2000, 21:17:23 Reply Top Forum

I am finding the includes feature very helpful as well. I am glad to have the Pro Version for this reason.

Here is how I use the includes feature, much the same as the points you have made:

I began using IT in April of this year and I am very pleased. I work as a self-employed independent medical transcriptionist, and I transcribe for multiple small medical offices.

Basically I use a set of several glossaries, and they are linked together by the "includes" feature.

For example, for my Gynecology account, when I select their glossary, what it really has "included" is: one glossary made from compiling their typical gynecology work, plus "includes" one basic medical/surgical glossary (I made this using MedPhrases/MedWords, which IT Pro comes with), one drug glossary, and the ages glossary which is also given with the IT software.

Then, for the Internal Medicine group, I use their own glossary compiled from their typical internal medicine work, plus "includes" the others also named above: medical/surgical basic glossary, drugs glossary, and ages glossary.

This way I do have a core set of glossaries that stay the same, so I can depend on certain words and phrases being in the glossary at all times, plus a specific glossary for each individual account. They are all "linked together" by using the "includes" feature.

(Should I get an additional account, such as orthopedics, as an example, then I would just link together: an individualized orthopedics glossary, plus the same basic medical/surgical, plus drugs, plus ages, and I would be all set to go!)

The best thing is that then when I want to add words or phrases, say a drug to the drug glossary, then because of the "includes" feature, it will then be appearing in all of the "customized" glossaries for all of my accounts mentioned above: I would add the drug one time to the drug glossary, and there it would be, across the board, in all of the glossaries that have the drug glossary "included," and with no extra compiling needed!

The "includes" feature gives me lots of flexibility in tweaking things to my liking!

Patty A.

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