InstantText in programming

Posted by Steve Carter , Wed, Nov 15, 2000, 08:20:13 Reply   Forum

There are more uses for InstantText than might be immediately apparent.

I often use InstantText for programming and technical documentation.

Programmers tend to use long "words" in code, such as NetOPSBusinessObject. Not much fun to type these. So I build a glossary from my source code files. Most new programming tools, such as Delphi, have a code completion feature that will complete these words, but they depend on letter-by-letter searching. So I'd have to type NetO.... But InstantText allows me to guess: nbo brings up NetOPSBusinessObject.

This is especially helpful for documenting the code, using Word or a text editor. I have all my long, ungainly "words" at my fingertips.

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