Assign shortcut keys to start Instant Text at any time!

Posted by Joya , Mon, Mar 26, 2001, 08:02:41 Reply   Forum

Just assign shortcut keys so Windows will open Instant Text.

This does not require creating a macro in MS Word. The shortcut keys will open Instant Text no matter what programs you may already be running.

Here are the steps to create the shortcut:

  • Just open your Start Menu by clicking on the Start button.
  • Locate the start menu icon for Instant Text in the Textware group.
  • Right click on the Instant Text icon and choose "Properties."
  • Put your cursor in the Shortcut key box (beside the word "none")and hold down the Ctrl+Alt keys on your keyboard and tap the "I" key.
  • Click the okay button to exit the properties window.
Now, the next time you want to start Instant Text, just press those keys Ctrl+Alt+I again.

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