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Posted by Marianne , Thu, Sep 26, 2002, 20:24:45 Reply Top Forum


Is there any advantage to the order of the glossaries in the list? By default, it shows Address, Business, and Medstart.

There is no specific advantage to this order. It is only the order you get when you install Instant Text and you can modify it as you want.

I have created two of my own glossaries and have opened them and they are part of the active list, but they are numbers 5 and 6 in the list. I know I need to make a glossary active, and I have used Includes to "link" different glossaries. Now I'm just wondering if I should remove Address and Business from the list and order my glossaries in a certain way.

Chances are you are not using Business and Contract and they can be closed. Similarly, if Medstart is already in the two glossaries you have created, you may close it if you are not using it directly.

Address is a different story: it is convenient to keep it in the Glossary List to add addresses quickly by switching to it by Ctrl+1. Drugs is also convenient to have for the same reason.

Once you have the list as you like, click on Glossary/Save active glossary list and IT will remember the list the next time you restart it.


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