Schools should teach expanders

Re: any thoughts on MEDITECH's MT COURSE ? -- Eric
Posted by Jean Ichbiah , Wed, Dec 08, 1999, 22:10:43 Reply Top Forum

I don't know about Meditec but many courses take a traditional attitude and ignore expanders. They all have "good" justifications for it but very often it only reflects their own lack of knowledge of the subject.

My own belief is that there are certain linguistic and visual skills that should be taught in these courses and for which there are no good reasons to postpone them until after the school. In a way, this reminds me of the insistence of our teachers in engineering schools that we do calculations without a computer a complete waste of time...

As an example, you need to know what words mean. So you need to be able to recognize them. But being able to recognize a word is a lesser requirement than being able to spell it.

    All of us recognize ten times more words
    than what we actually use on our own.

The passive vocabulary is ten times larger than the active vocabulary, and expanders allow you to use your passive vocabulary safely.

Jean Ichbiah

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